3 Footers… NYMHM 5/18

News you may have missed… I would have normally posted this on Monday, but was stymied by a migraine… On to the news!

1) Rors!

Rory had one of those weekends that makes you think maybe he is closer to Tiger than he is to Phil. He dominated the field with crazy good ball striking. Again. Saturday’s round was incredible. Here are some numbers from Saturday:

Ave. Drive – 321 yards
Number of birdies – 11
Number of bogies – 0
Longest putt made – 14 feet
Number of putts made outside 10 ft – 2

To make 11 birdies you have to putt well (thanks Dave Stockton), but more importantly you have to be flagging it. Rory has generally been an average putter on tour, including this season. Impressive that he can overcome an average putter to dominate fields. In Tiger’s prime, he was also typically in the top 10 in putting every year. He finished top 25 in strokes gained putting this week, but imagine if he was a good putter… Scary thought. For more interesting stats, here is a summary of the week. Rory finished 21st in strokes gained putting.

You miss 100% of the putts that don’t get to the hole. With a chance to reach golf’s favorite milestone, Roland Thatcher left the putt for a 59 short and in the jaws. Now its hard to hate on the guy. He hit a decent putt… but it never had a chance. I’m not sure which will bother him more as he goes to sleep at night, the missed putt on 18 or the fact that he didn’t make birdie on the par 5 16th. He said he was in the zone and was never concerned with the number. I wish I could find whatever zone he was in. Thinking about score is my kryptonite. Well played Thatcher.

The NCAA Men’s Golf Championship is coming shortly and my Red Raiders have advanced. Kudos to them!

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