Surviving Chambers Bay


What a dramatic finish. A finish that left me a little emotionally confused. At the beginning of the day on Sunday there were plenty of story lines and any number of ways the day could go that would have left me satisfied with the result at Chambers Bay. I was really rooting for the golf course to give us a great champion and great tournament. Especially after how much I personally enjoyed playing the golf course.

I am a big fan of Jordan Spieth and was certainly rooting for him. I love the Dustin Johnson comeback story and after him coming close on several other occasions, it would have been satisfying to see him win one. Who couldn’t get behind Jason Day’s story? Overcoming vertigo and fighting through a tough course to play even when you’re not fighting dizziness. Even Louis Oosthuizen, whose swing I covet probably more than any other professional golfer. WIth as few moving parts as he has, it looks like he can never make a bad swing. Just about the only player I didn’t want to win was Grace. Through no fault of his own, I am just not familiar with him and am gonna pull for the Americans (I know Day and Louis are not American) over him.

Then throughout the day we get some incredible rounds by Adam Scott, who snuck in there and posted a number. Rory makes a bomb at 13 with some scoring holes to go and looks like he could sneak into the mix only to fall apart late. Overall it was just an incredible day of golf. Despite the criticism of the greens (BillyHo, I love you man, but sometimes its best to just keep quiet), I think the USGA did a phenomenal job of setting up a scoreable golf course for Sunday to give some fireworks.

I don’t have the strokes gained stat for DJ on Sunday, but it has to be depressing. Forget the three putt on 18… He was putting on a ball striking clinic early on and getting nothing out of it. If he would have putted even average, he would have won the tournament by three strokes. His driver and irons were incredibly good. The flatstick failed him. It is hard to blame him though. On bumpy greens, even the slightest shake in confidence just gets amplified. My heart breaks for the guy.


But the man of the tournament…

Oosty! Oh, you thought I was going to say Jordan? Let’s put Spieth aside for a minute, he was fantastic. But Louis Oosthuizen! He got the worst draw of the tournament in having to play Thursday / Friday with the absolute black hole that was Tiger Woods and Rickie Fowler. Those two combined to shoot +30 over par for two days and Oosty had to survive that. Louis shot -11 over the last three days. If it was a three day tournament, he runs away with it. Nobody played better than Louis over the last three days. Kudos to him. A hard thing to overcome and he did well just to be in the conversation. And I’ll mention it again… If I could trade my swing for one guys… It would be his. Its the smoothest swing on the planet.

But then there is Jordan. Phenomenal. The guy clearly did not have his A game this week. He was not flushing it. He wasn’t putting particularly well. But the grit he showed was immeasurable. He just hung around and kept minimizing mistakes. Plugging away. I envy that quality. He was certainly able to make the best out of less than his best. The kid is clutch. The kid is smart. He makes mature decisions. Chipping out sideways on 17 and just taking the putt to avoid the big number was extremely intelligent. Yes, he still three putted and let the field back in it, but the number could have been worse. How clutch was his play on 18? After complaining about how much he dislikes the hole, he might have changed his own mind. Just really impressive stuff. I can’t wait to watch him attack St. Andrews.

I’ll leave you with this… It’s life or death… You have to choose one guy to play for your life… Anyone taking Rory over Spieth?


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