Slump Busting

A slump… that’s what it is. Nobody likes talking about it or admitting it, but its time to be honest. I’m in a slump. A terrible stretch of bad, frustrating, mind-numbing golf.

Golf is hard… That seems to be a refrain I too often fall back on, but it’s true. It’s a stupid game. You can have a day of brilliant golf and with a single bad swing come unraveled. That’s the challenge. When faced with adversity, how do you handle it. Lately I have not handled it well.

2015 Season Results

Above are the results of the 2015 season thus far. Could not have started better. Lapped the field for my first local victory on tour in chilly conditions at Frisco Lakes. However, since then it has been mostly less than stellar golf.

This is my therapy…

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