The doctor is in… a.k.a. about me

Who is this guy? Why should I care what he has to say? Fair questions…
If you stumbled into this site, I imagine that we already have a lot in common. You’re probably sitting at home or at work trying to fill your golf fix and somehow the internet led you here. I do that all the time. Start some random google search that leads me to various blogs that catch my attention. I’m glad you’re here.
I started playing golf at 15 in the year 1999. I’m part of the generation that got motivated to play golf due to the Tiger effect. That is probably why I have an unhealthy love for the guy. One of those love/hate relationships. At this point, I get so fed up with him and his attitude that I swear I’ll never root for him again…. Then he gets himself in contention at the Masters and I’m on the edge of my seat hoping every putt goes in. Despite however you might feel about the guy, my stance is that I would have never found this beautiful game if it weren’t for him. In a way he gave me a great gift… Now go break all the records! I love seeing history be made.
When I started playing golf, I dove in hard. The son of a military brat I had access to military golf courses and could play for cheap as a junior. My parents would drop me off at the course in the summer with my buddy and we could play all the golf we could fit in a day for $5. We would walk the course 2-3 times before getting a ride home and then do it all again the next day. It’s a great way to learn to play and I fell in love with the game on those long summer days.
I ended up playing golf for two years in high school, but being a ‘late bloomer’ I was never big enough or good enough to be particularly competitive. I was good for a mid-eighties type round. Only drove the ball ~200 yards. Which put me at a huge disadvantage to my high school peers.
I graduated high school and went to Texas Tech on academic scholarship where I studied to be an engineer. I was nowhere good enough to be a player in college, but I continued my love for the game by getting a job at the The Rawls Course before they even opened to the public. Throughout undergrad I would wake up at 5am and go mow greens, rake bunkers for a few hours before going to class. In return I got the occasional free round and could feed the golf addiction.
Somewhere in those college years I learned how to start swinging the golf club harder and my handicap started to fall. I started driving the ball closer to 250 and my game steadily improved to low single digits.

I stayed in school through grad school and eventually graduated with a PhD in Electrical Engineering. I took an engineering job, married to my college sweetheart, and dove into the ‘real world’.

For the last 3 years I have been playing 10-15 tournaments a year in the Championship flight (0-4 hcap) on the Golf Channel Am Tour. The highlight would be winning a two-day ‘Major’ championship at Pinehurst. Arguably the two best days of golf I have ever played. I have one other local win on tour.

I know have a son who swung his first golf club before he could walk. I now play slightly less golf, certainly practice less, but have continued playing tournament golf. My wife is extremely understanding to my addiction and allows me to sneak out here and there. I can’t wait until my son is old enough to really take out to the course and I look forward to the day when his game is more important to me than mine. So far he loves to swing the clubs.

I am now a 2 handicap looking for ways to improve while playing less.

My best tournament round is a 70 (-2). I have a single hole-in-one to my credit on #4 at Woodbridge in Sachse, TX.


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