The Links… a.k.a. my favorite sites

These are the golf sites I visit more or less weekly:
Golf news blog. Covers a variety of topics focusing on the news of the day.
Decent articles, reviews, and lessons. Kind of an all purpose golf blog. Good way to kill some time.
Mark Broadie’s website. Lots of good strokes gained analysis from the PGA Tour.
Doesn’t post often enough, but when they do it is worth a read. Lots of good golf data insights.
Good light banter on each week’s PGA tournaments. Make sure to checkout the How to Act Like  Tour Pro series. It’s very good… and accurate.

Guy takes the ‘10,000 hours to become elite’ idea and applies it to golf. Puts a day job aside and applies himself to becoming a golf pro. About halfway through he is a single digit handicap but starting to struggle. Sometimes I wish you could just take your knowledge and experience and pass it on. This guy has to learn the game the hard way, just like everyone else.


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